JollyPrints | Printing Custom Shirts Have Never Been Easier

Nowadays, it’s all about making an impact. 

If you started a business, then you NEED to make a name for yourself as soon as possible. You need to make people remember your brand, what you stand for and what it is that you really do.

You know what? You need custom t-shirts!

That’s always a go-to strategy especially if you can produce quality and clever shirt designs to giveaway!

Recently, I was looking around for a local shop that could do this. I was specifically looking for a Gildan shirt and believe it or not, I couldn’t find an e-commerce store that would supply me with gildan shirts with a custom design.

I’m going to launch my new business in the Philippines  and I really wanted to just smash it! Y’know, just make a splash and tell everyone “HEY! WE’RE HERE!”

So it took me a while, after looking around on Facebook, I saw JollyPrints. It’s pretty awesome. They have the gildans that I was looking for.

jollyprints philippines

It’s great timing, too as I was arranging a get together with the family. We’re 30 few and increasing by the year so I wanted to give them souvenirs!

They processed my orders really quickly. I simply looked at the site, called them to be sure and checked out online. Apparently, they also do other stuff aside from printing t-shirts, like corporate gifts. WOW!

Anyway, I got my order and I’m pretty f’ing happy so that’s why they made it here on this blog! They aren’t amazon but they are pretty damn close to Zappos level service.

Follow them!

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