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I have to admit it. I was skeptical when I came across Arduinos for the first time. I mean, what the heck is an Arduino?

I’ve always been into electronics. One of my hobbies is to actually create my own electronic projects. So when I heard about it, I had to go check them out because it will take my projects to the next level. Why wouldn’t a nerd like me want that?

So I started looking around, found a few sellers on OLX and then I went to their official website here. I went to the distributors section and found this little website that could.

Dynamodo Arduino Electronics Philippines


Dynamodo was the most feasible to me because I am outside the locations of those distributors. They could ship it to me very easily and everything was laid out pretty nicely on the site so I know where to go and what I needed.

To be sure, I had a back and forth email exchange with their support. Looking at their FB page, you can see that they have a pretty nice following so I know they are legit.

I made 2 purchases at the start. 2 starter kits! I had to get someone else involved right?!

I got my order within the week, I think 2 days after it was received by the courier.

I thought long and hard about ordering other smaller parts, wondering how I could get them in one piece when it arrives. They assured me of the shipment and that, as they say, is history.

I’ve made 5 other orders since then and I can’t blame them for my addiction to this new technology. The product (Arduino) is awesome and it’s worth the hype.

I never got to meet the owners of the website though so I can’t put up an interview here but if you guys are listening, then I hope you find this and contact me.

Maybe you could give me a coupon that I could¬†offer my readers so it’s a win-win situation! I have a lot of other friends that are very interested in your products.


Update: They contacted me! They have an ongoing sale now and it’s for everybody! They said they plan on giving me a¬†coupon when their sale is over. I guess they’ll be getting a few more orders from me after this. Goodbye money, hello new Arduino Projects.

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