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This is our first online supplier profile.

We’re including¬†this early because we have been working with them for almost 2 years. They are very reliable and their products are top notch.

They made our transition from not knowing anything to starting and running a small stall for 6 months to starting 5 stores in 9 months.

I’m so happy to be able to get to this¬†point so quickly.

Their training service helped speed up everything and that’s an understatement.

People keep asking me to share my story about our partnership but there’s really nothing much to say.

– I found them on Facebook

Pophouseinc on Facebook

– I messaged them

– Went to their office for demos and ironing out what to do next

– I already had a place to put the first stall

– Construction started

– I hired people and they trained them.

– I opened the stall and went to work! :)

That’s a pretty boring story, but that’s really it.

Visit them on their site or FB page. They’ll gladly assist you in any way.


Popular Household Names Inc.

2B Hope St., Brgy. Balingasa, QC, Metro Manila, Philippines, 1115

+63 (2) 624 4257


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